Text Box: Annual Dues
Single Membership - $15.00
Family Membership - $20.00
We also offer a $5.00 discount for Senior Citizen memberships


A bird club is a place for bird owners, both present and future, to get together and share their common interest in companion birds.† Our speakers will enhance your knowledge of how to properly care for your bird.† If you truly want the best for your feathered companion, a bird club is the place to be.† Our club offers you the chance to speak with other bird owners and gain first hand knowledge of specific species as well as enhance your own avian knowledge.† If you have questions about your bird, our experienced and knowledgeable club members will be more then happy to help!



Club members with a valid Yahoo account are eligible to join our Yahoo groups page.† You will receive an invitation to join this group once you become a club member.† To become a club member, click here.

By addressing e-mail to this group, it's received by all registered members automatically. Itís a great way to keep in touch between meetings, stay up-to-date on avian issues and events, tell stories, recount experiences, put out calls for help, or share any information of interest to the group.


The files section of our group page contains archives of our monthly newsletter, a listing of avian vets in our local region, our membership directory, and other information not available to the general public (The Bird Clinic files contain a wealth of avian health articles; Average Bird Weights; Common Injuries and Treatment; Wing & Toenail Clipping; and so much more).



Local and On-line retailers offer discounts to our members.



If you wish to join our club please send an email to with the following information:




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Email address


I will contact you to confirm your information.


Thank you,

Rick Rowland

2nd Vice PresidentóMembership



You can also click here to download our membership application